I Love to Design for Users
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"Wisdom is knowing what to do next. Skill is knowing how to do it...." - David Starr Jordan

UX Design

Designing and strategizing for a superior and seamless user experience which allows the user to accomplish their goals efficiently.


Intimate knowledge of: HTML5, CSS3, CoffeeScript, TypeScript, AngularJS, NodeJS among many other technologies.


Visual design of sketches, low and high-fidelity wireframes and interactive prototypes to assist project comprehension and completion.

My Portfolio

Some examples of my work for your perusal.

Michelin-BF Goodrich Skip Barber Kiosk


UX Design, Kiosk/Tablet Development

World News Group Mobile Applications

World News Group

UX Design, Mobile Development

BMW US Manufacturing

BMW US Manufacturing

Design, Development, Technology

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

UX Design, Development, Deployment

Bi-Lo Greeter Kiosks

Super Bi-Lo

Design, Technology, Deployment

Greenville, SC Zoo 50th Anniversary Mobile Application

Greenville Zoo

UX Design, Mobile Development

My Timeline

My personal timeline in and around UX.

  • IT and Development Primary, Users Secondary


    Before UX was Cool

    In the days before usability was a regular part of the discussion, I was the Lead Developer/Engineer that always wanted to ensure that the users could easily use the software we developed and deployed.

  • Meeting the Client and User Halfway


    Converting Clients into Believers

    Often sitting across from international clients including Michelin, Bosch and BMW; introduced clients to processes that would enhance their projects to be usable by a larger set of users and increase their audience.

  • Wireframes and Prototypes as Part of the Process


    Transition into UX

    As an Interactive Director, being responsible for technology, deployment and design, client meetings included sessions where wireframes and prototypes were introduced before development initiated. This cut down on time, misunderstandings and increased efficiencies.

  • Mobile and Desktop UX Deliverables


    UX as a Deliverable

    With a solid grasp on technology, finally started to deliver mobile and desktop applications that the user experience was front and center. As part of a project, UX Design became a deliverable and was part of my process to ensure better products for my clients.

  • What Can
    I Do For

My Experience

A highlight of my recent UX experience.

MDI Group

MDI Group

UI/UX Specialist/Consultant

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

AgFirst Farm Credit Bank

Sr. UX Designer

Bank of America

Bank of America

UX Lead

These are just a few highlights of my total experience.
Thanks for taking the time to peruse my personal website and portfolio. To be brief, I'm a 20+ year veteran with Adobe Photoshop, over 6+ in UI/UX design and development, website design and kiosk/mobile application design. I love all aspects of UI/UX, IA, design, and interactive design. And in case you’re wondering, yes I’m presently looking for a new job!

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